To suit everyone's pocket we offer an extensive range of ready-to-wear off the shelf riding boots in all styles and in various fitting. Alternatively our special service - these can be factory made, made-to-measure boots to your own specifications.

A traditional hunting boot with a choice of tops, made from best box calf but also available to order in waxed calf. Waxed calf gives the maximum protection from permanent scratching and scuffing and is really tough.

Sizes 6-12 and half sizes.


A classic English riding boot in black, full grain box calf, lined throughout with a choice of leg fittings. Featuring special stiffeners in the shaft to minimise creasing and maintain the elegant shape.

Sizes 3-12 and half sizes. Available in normal, wide and highwide leg fittings.

Mayfair Dressage

(high "Spanish" cut)

Made from full grain boxcalf, lined throughout, incorporating special stiffeners to maintain the shape and elegance. Available in normal and wide leg fittings.

Sizes 3-12 and half sizes.