W&H Gidden saddle accessories are designed for strength and functionality. Leathers selected are the best available, and fully co-ordinate with the W&H Gidden Bridle and Saddle ranges. Available in Havana, Black or Nut.

Atherstone Girth with elastic
Elastic on both ends allows a uniform pull.
Size: 46"-58 in 2" increments
Atherstone Girth full leather

Size: 46"-58 in 2" increments
Lonsdale Girth

Size: 18"-30" in 2" increments
Balding Girth

Size: 46"-58" in 2" increments

W&H Gidden Stirrups
To size correctly, measure your foot at the widest point with your riding boots on, and then add half an inch. Made in Kangaroo Metal.

A classical German-style, Knife-Edge stirrup of the correct weight. The high arch provides more room for your foot in the event of a fall. shown below (right).

An improved stirrup for the competition rider. Exeptional foot position with a superior grip in wet conditions. Can be ridden with the foot shot home.

Oak Bark Stirrup Leathers
Nut or Black

W&H Gidden Medical Numnahs
Machine washable. Made from sheep's wool woven onto a cotton backing
General Purpose, Jumping & Dressage
Black, White
Size: S,M,L